In the beginning, we had no idea what we were doing or where we were going with this. All we knew was simply that Benny is a great chef who is full of charm and charisma.

The purpose of this website is simple. It is a place to view “Benny the Chef” in action, where he has been, where he is going, what he looks like on film (the camera loves him), and how students and the public at large respond to him (yes, they love him too).

We believe that Benny is building an incredible fan base already and we can’t wait to follow him in his next adventure. We hope that Benny will continue to cook and live his life in the same uncanny and carefree way. We love his irreverent and sincere style and way to talk which is the ultimate essence of the great Roman legacy.

Thanks to him we are enjoying our time and dinners very much and we learned to do as the Romans do. As Benny has taught us, we will never quit and we will face any difficulties with a smile, and then, at the end, we will drink all together Alla Faccia!


And if you are wondering what “Alla Faccia” means, well here is the full meaning and translation of the most typical Roman cheers. “Alla salute de’ chi ce vo bene e alla faccia de’ chi ce vo male!

<<To the health of those who loves us and in the face of those against us!>>


As previously mentioned, Alla Faccia Productions LLC © is committed to getting Benny the Chef wherever he wants to go. We want him in front of the masses with his own TV cooking show and have created this website to promote his talent and bring it to investors who also recognize his marketability.

If you are an investor or have the contacts to individuals who may be able to make this happen, do not hesitate in contacting us. If you are an investor please feel free to contact directly our Alla Faccia Productions LLC © principal Donald DePiro. Thank you and Alla Faccia!

  Alla Faccia Productions, LLC. 2011